Special services

General practice De Doc cooperates with partners in the area, to organize several programs and consultations to improve the care for specific groups of patients. This concerns specific programs for certain (chronic) conditions and care for fragile elderly. Furthermore, we organize several special consultations, and consultations on exceptional locations.

Because we continuously want to contribute to the improvement of health care in The Hague centre, Rivierenbuurt and Stationsbuurt, we regularly gather with partners in health care for adjustment, improvement and extension of our programs. Within Foundation New Centre (Stichting Nieuw Centrum) Doc Haanstra is part of a network of primary caregivers which develops and runs care programs.

Special programs

Special speaking hours


Sluiten Doc Haanstra Huisartsenpraktijk Den Haag
General address
Doc Haanstra Huisartsenpraktijk Den Haag

Stationsweg 35
2515 BH The Hague

phone number during opening hours

070 – 382 47 77

contact afther opening hours

070 – 346 96 69 (HADOKS)





de Doc Stationsweg 35
de Doc Boomsluiterskade
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