Corona precousions Doc Haanstra

For your and our safety, we want to limit the chance to spread the coronavirus / COVID-19. We therefore take several precousions. General precousions at all locations are:



Questions regarding Corona vaccinations and the proof of vaccination

At the moment everyone can be vaccinated against Corona. For information about making an appointment and questions about the operation, side effects, safety, etc., please visit the website of the national government: Vaccination against the coronavirus. You can also call the national information number 0800-1351

From 1 July, anyone who has been fully vaccinated can upload a vaccination certificate in the CoronaCheck app. You need a smartphone and DigiD for this. You can create your vaccination certificate in the app 14 days after your last vaccination. If you have problems creating the vaccination certificate, look for information about this on the website of the national government: Problems and solutions with vaccination certificates.

If you have been vaccinated by De Doc and have indicated that we were allowed to pass on your vaccination to the RIVM, we have already done so and you can see this in the app. If you have indicated that we were not allowed to share this information and you want to change that. Please send an email to our practice via We will then adjust this. If something else has gone wrong, you can also send us an email about this.

Have you been (partially) vaccinated abroad? If you have been fully vaccinated in a European country, you will receive your digital vaccination certificate in the country where you were vaccinated. If you have been (fully or partially) vaccinated in a country outside Europe, and you have proof of this, you can have a vaccination certificate made in Utrecht. You can call for an appointment via 030 – 8002899. (note: 1 appointment per person). More information about obtaining a digital vaccination certificate after vaccination abroad can be found on the website of the Dutch government.

People who do not have a smartphone can also print their vaccination certificate via

Questions about corona test or titer determination

The Doc does NOT do any COVID testing .

The Doc does NOT do a titer determination to show whether someone has made antibodies against the Corona virus after an infection. This is also not a valid statement to be able to travel. Only the GGD issues a recovery certificate after a COVID infection that has been established by them with a PCR test. The proof of recovery is included in the CoronCheckApp.

Other questions regarding corona

The Doc has made an overview of the most frequently asked questions regarding Corona. The following questions are addressed:

  • When and how can I get tested?
  • Will the doctor call me if I have been tested positive?
  • What can you do with common complaints with Corona?
  • Can I go to the doctor if I have Corona?
  • How do I avoid getting Corona?
  • What should I do if my housemate is ill?

You can read all questions and the answers in this overview.

When should I contact the general practitioner?

In the following situations you should contact us:

  • You have been getting sicker over the past few days
  • You are breathing more rapidly or more difficult (for example whilst walking)
  • You have a fever for more than 3 days (38◦C or up)
  • You are over 70 years old, have a chronic disease or a weak immune system AND you get a fever

Preferably call us between 11.00 and 12.00 during our telephone consultation hour (option 6 in the menu). You will immediately be calling with a doctor. Are you worried and your question cannot wait until the telephone consultation hour? Please call the assistant (option 5 in the menu). Do not come to the practice without consultation over the phone first!

In case the practice is closed, please contact the general practitioners office HADOKS through 070-3469669


Declaration of dispensation from mouth masks

In public transport it is mandatory for everyone (aged 13 and older) to wear a mouth mask. This obligation does not apply to people who cannot wear a mouth mask due to illness or disability. This includes;

  • People with severe lung disease
  • People who get very confused by wearing a mouth mask. For example due to an intellectual disability or mental illness.
  • People with a facial condition that makes it impossible to wear a mouth mask.

If it is not possible to wear a mouth mask, it is preferable to find another solution. For example, the use of a faceshield. The cabinet has asked inspectors to “deal reasonably” with this.

Contrary to reports from the government, general practitioners are not allowed to provide their own patients with a medical certificate to obtain an exemption for wearing a mouth mask. This would put too much pressure on the relationship between doctor and patient. These statements are therefore NOT provided from Doc Haanstra.

You can, however, print this statement and carry it with you. If desired, this can be combined with show the medication you are taking to the inspector.

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